Peppa Pig Toy Play

14 Episodes

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14 Episodes

Let's Camp Forever


Daddy Pig arrives in a campervan ready to take the Pig family on a surprise holiday. Peppa and George ride their bikes while Mummy and Daddy Pig set up camp. Having had the best day outdoors, they settle down for dinner and sing songs around the campfire until bedtime. Peppa wants to go camping every day!

The Mystery of Missing Teddy


Teddy has gone missing. So with their detective hats on, Peppa and George get ready to solve the mystery of missing Teddy with Suzie joining them on the way. They follow his teddyprints around the house and in the garden until the case is solved.

The Talent Show


Peppa and her playgroup friends are all performing in the talent show. Rebecca is the last to perform and gets stage fright. With help from Peppa and her friends cheering her on, Rebecca faces her fears and dances marvelously on stage, winning the talent show trophy.

Day at the Beach


Mummy and Daddy have surprised Peppa and George by taking them to Grandma and Grandad’s campervan by the sea. Peppa, George, Grandma and Grandpa all go to the beach for the day and splash in the sea. Grandad Pig gets splashed by a big wave and the family all laugh together!

Carnival at Playgroup


Peppa and her friends at the playgroup all go to the carnival for the day. They have lots of fun playing on all the different rides and all jump on the train with Grandpa Pig as the driver. Peppa has had such a fun and busy day with her friends that she goes home feeling rather sleepy.

Christmas Tree


The Pig family are getting ready for Christmas so all go shopping for the biggest Christmas tree they can find. With help from Miss Rabbit, they find the biggest tree in the shop to bring home. The whole family works together to decorate it ready for Christmas.

Christmas Market


Peppa and George go to the Christmas market to get Mummy Pig a present with help from Daddy Pig. In a hunt to find the perfect gift, they explore the market with carol singers and Christmas pudding. Once they have found the perfect present, they wrap it up and place it under the tree ready for Christmas.

The Muddiest Day Ever


The Pig family all go outside to play in the rain and splash in the puddles. Daddy Pig gets stuck in a muddy puddle so the Pig family work together to try and get him out but all end up stuck too. Peppa and the pig family love jumping around in muddy puddles!

Hot Air Balloon


Wearing hats to protect them from the sun, the Pig family go for a ride in a Hot air balloon with Miss Rabbit. While flying in the balloon, they can see the whole town including their house and a little bird. The little bird takes Daddy Pig’s hat so they all set off to find it.

Spring Clean


Mummy Pig is working from home while Peppa and George are playing in the office. Mummy Pig asks Peppa and George to help Daddy Pig with some tidying. Peppa and George don’t think that sounds very fun but they all decide to make it fun by dressing up. They all have a great time tidying and decide to end the day by building a fort to play in!

Group Call


Peppa is feeling sad as she is missing seeing her friends when Suzie calls Peppa on video. They start to play a game online with friends joining them on the way. They all play games and giggle together online, until they say goodbye before calling again tomorrow.



Peppa and George are missing Granny and Grandad Pig so decide to become Penpals. They write letters back and fourth to eachother until one day Peppa doesn't see any post. Peppa looks sad until she sees Grandad and Granny appear at the front door!



Grandad Pig has sent Peppa and George sunflower seeds to grow in their garden to see who can grow the biggest sunflower. They watch them grow until the sunflowers grow nice and tall and Peppa and George win the competition!

Wash Your Hands


Wash your hands while you sing along with Peppa and her friends. Peppa and her friends are making sure to wash their hands until they are squeaky clean!