American Girl: World By Us

4 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Meet Evette, Maritza & Makena!


Meet Evette, Makena, and Maritza! The three friends who live in Washington D.C and believe that we can build a future that works for all of us when we work together.

Evette's EPIC River Clean-Up & Viral Dance Challenge!


Evette, Makena, and Maritza organize a river clean-up! The girls start a viral clean-up dance challenge, learn about thrift fashion, and help save a swimming hole from pollution.

Maritza Believes Families Belong Together!


The World By Us team plan a beautiful fundraiser to help raise money and awareness for their teammate's family after learning they might be separated and need help!

Makena's "See Me! Hear Me! Know Me!" Fashion Show!


Makena is looking for a way to express herself through fashion. But how? Luckily with a little help from her friends, Makena puts together the most fabulous fashion show!