Om Nom's Christmas Stories

24 Episodes

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24 Episodes

Christmas Freeze


Christmas in Nomville sparkles under a blanket of snow, with Om Nom and neighbors spreading holiday cheer, until…Brrr, a sneaky, evil snowflake casts a chilling spell...

Color Christmas


Time to make the festive stories colorful and bright! All we need is a brush and some paints. Om Nom will love the result!

Counting Christmas Gifts


How many gifts does Om Nom have? He doesn't know, so let's count together! How many gifts of each color are there? We'll soon find out!

Christmas With Om Nom: Nommy Holidays


Christmas tree decorated – check, house decorations are up – check, gifts wrapped – check… Om Nom and neighbors are all ready for the festive season!

Coloring Book: Christmas Special


Learn colors with Om Nom in the episode "Christmas Special" from Om Nom Stories: Around the World

Drawing with Om Nom: How to Draw A Christmas Tree


A Christmas tree would look so great on your DIY Christmas card! It is easy to draw, and you can learn the steps from this video. Om Nom is sure that your Christmas tree drawing will be the most colorful!

Om Nom Winter Challenge: Find the Hidden Objects


Be the first to find all objects that Om Nom has hidden on the pictures! It is a tough challenge where only 5 out of 10 will succeed. Let's start! 1,2,3...

Om Nom Christmas Games


Holiday fun from Om Nom! Enjoy these exciting challenges and challenge your friends to do better than you! Happy Holidays!

Tips for a Great Christmas from Om Nom


When Om Nom goes to the Christmas tree farm, he knows how to pick the best tree: fresh, symmetrical, beautiful, and the bigger the better! He can share some other tips for a wonderful Christmas with you. Watch this video, and your celebration will be the best!

Drawing with Om Nom: How to Draw A Deer


Santa's deer really helped Om Nom when he had to take up Santa's main chore on the busiest night of the year! Let's draw a cute deer, and Om Nom will show us how it's done!

Coloring Book: Santa


Learn colors with Om Nom in the episode "Santa" from Om Nom Stories: Dream Job.

Om Nom Winter Challenge: Spot the Difference


Om Nom and Om Nelle want to play! They have this Spot the Difference challenge to keep them busy when the weather is bad. Will you join them?

How to Have a Great Christmas Holiday


Christmas holidays are the most magical days of the year! What does Om Nom do in the holidays? He knows the secret to the most unforgettable winter holidays ever. And he shares his tips in this new video!

Om Nom Christmas Tutorial: Let's Draw Christmas Together!


Pictures of the Christmas tree, the deer and Santa Nom will help to create the right Christmas atmosphere. Om Nom will help you with these!

Super Noms Winter Challenge: Spot the Difference


It is cold outside, but Om Nom will find a way to have fun indoors! He challenges you to a supercold Spot the Difference contest. Good luck!

Om Nom Winter Games


Play Shadow Match, count hidden objects, watch the story about Om Nom and Om Nelle sledding, and you will definitely stay warm this winter! Om Nom wishes you a lot of fun!

Drawing with Om Nom: How to Draw Santa Nom


Santa is great, but Santa Nom is even better! Santa Nom wouldn't dash off - he would gladly stay for the celebration treats! It is easy to draw him, and the drawing will be wonderful! Let's try!

Xmas with Om Nom: Romantic Compilation


Christmas is the time when the whole family is together and nothing is better than celebrating with the ones you love! Feel the love on Christmas in this romantic compilation!

Xmas with Om Nom: Christmas Decorating


A big part of Christmas is its atmosphere! Om Nom will show you how he decorates the house and creates that magic and cheerful mood.

Xmas with Om Nom: Fun Facts


Om Nom knows some fun facts about Christmas and he is excited to share them with you! Be prepared for this festive season and enjoy the celebration of Christmas!

Xmas with Om Nom: Santa Om Nom Delivers Presents


Om Nom loves getting presents, but he loves to give them more. He'd make a great helper for Santa Nom. Especially in getting down the chimney!

Xmas with Om Nom: Xmas Neighbor


Our monsters don’t need a Christmas tree in every house! They need just one - that will delight all of them and unite the whole neighborhood!

Christmas Gifts from Om Nom


Om Nom is here with the Christmas gifts! Each one is a surprise. Try to guess what's inside every box and be ready to be impressed!

Om Nom Colors Christmas


Time to make the festive stories colorful and bright! All we need is a brush and some paints. Om Nom will love the result!