Play-Doh Oddly Satisfying

7 Episodes

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7 Episodes

Playing With Colour


The ooey gooey textures and amazing bright colors of Play-Doh Slime come together for a mesmerizing sensory experience!

Secret Life of Play-Doh Foam Friends


When we look away, Play-Doh Foam friends come out to play! Watch this little Play-Doh Foam guy’s adventure through the “real world” and see what happens next!

Play-Doh Slime Stencils


Watch what happens to puffy, fluffy Play-Doh Slime Super Cloud compound when it's pressed into different grids and stencils! This satisfying video is a great way to take a break and relax.

Super Slow Motion


Watching Play-Doh Slime compounds in slow motion is an irresistible and oddly satisfying experience! See how the different colors and textures behave when they're thrown, hit, stretched, smashed, and squeezed!

Ooey Gooey Mix 'n' Squish


What can you mix with Play-Doh Slime compound? Check out what happens when we add beads, glitter, and all kinds of other household objects!

Dance Music in Colour


The strata-cut animation style involves creating a design inside a loaf of clay, or in this case, Play-Doh compound! Fun, upbeat music and spectacular colors come together for a mesmerizing visual effect.

Melting Putty Pals


Play-Doh Putty compound is very pliable and fun to mold, but eventually gravity turns it back into a smooth little blob. We made some silly little characters and put them against the test of time.