Thomas & Friends: Learning With Thomas

16 Episodes

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10 Episodes

Thomas & Percy Learn About Mixing Colours


Sir Topham Hatt is having coaches painted for the parade. But he only has three colours, Red, Blue, and Yellow! Thomas and Percy discover that combining colours can make a new one!

Thomas & Percy's Bedtime Routine


Percy arrives back at Tidmouth Sheds covered in mud. He's so tired he just wants to go to bed. But Thomas and Emily teach Percy the importance of a bedtime routine.

Thomas & Percy Learn About Emotions


When Percy isn't feeling right, it's up to his best friend Thomas to find out what's wrong by teaching Percy about different emotions.

Thomas & Percy Learn About Different Vehicles


Percy learns that there are many different types of vehicles on the Island of Sodor, of all shapes and sizes.

Thomas & Percy Learn About Opposites


Percy gets confused when his loud whistle scares away a bird. He only whistled because the bird was whistling. Thomas explains that his whistle was loud, but the bird's was quiet.

Thomas & Percy Learn to Count to 20


Percy is helping find Emily's friendship chain. She recalls passing twenty cargo trucks so Thomas suggests counting trucks, but Percy has never counted up to twenty before.

Thomas & Percy Teach Diesel to Share


Thomas and Percy are playing together with a bouncy ball, until Diesel sneaks in and takes it. Diesel realises that he's upset Thomas and Percy but doesn't understand why.

Thomas & Percy Learn Why It's Good to Clean Up


Thomas and Percy cause an accident at Brendam Docks, and it's Cranky the Crane that comes to their rescue. Cranky teaches Thomas and Percy the importance of cleaning up.

Thomas & Percy Learn About Shapes!


Thomas and Percy arrive at the docks to see Cranky struggling with some cargo. They decide to help by matching the different shaped crates with the correct shaped cargo.

Thomas & Percy Learn What Food Animals Eat


When Rosie's animals escape from her train, she calls upon Thomas and Percy to help get them back.

6 Episodes

Thomas & Percy Learn What to do After an Accident


When Percy runs into a rock on the tracks, Thomas helps him find an adult (Sir Topham Hatt) to help fix the situation and make it better.

Thomas & Percy Learn About Recycling


Thomas and Percy think they have recycling all sorted out, until Cranky shows them how important and fun it is to sort the paper, plastic, and glass separately.

Thomas & Percy Learn About a Morning Routine


Thomas and Percy had such a hard day, but why? A talk with Sir Topham Hatt helps them realise the importance of a morning routine which is what they forgot to do today!

Thomas & Percy Learn About Diversity


Thomas and Percy sharing their differences helps them realise how everyone is different and how wonderful it is to be part of a world full of engines, humans, and helicopters.

Thomas & Percy Learn About the Weather


With some help from Gordon, Thomas and Percy learn about the different seasons of the year and the weather they bring.

Thomas & Percy Learn About Good Manners


Thomas and Percy are awaiting a shipment at Knapford when Diesel rushes in and causes a ruckus. Together they help him understand the importance of manners and being a good friend.