Om Nom Stories: Back To School

15 Episodes

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15 Episodes

Back to School Subjects Compilation


Which is Om Nom's favorite school subject? All of them! And though he is not equally good at them all, he always tries to do his best.

Back to School Exploration Compilation


When Om Nom is curious, nothing can stop him from satisfying that curiosity! Be ready to explore and experiment with him in this scientific compilation. Back to class with Om Nom!

Back to School Robot Compilation


Will Robot Sciences be taught in school one day? Om Nom believes that they should be! Misbehaving robots have caused him quite a few problems!

Back to School Incredible Compilation


Some things can happen only in the Om Nom universe. Luckily, you can see them when you watch Om Nom's adventures! Check out the incredible physics in this new compilation!

Back to School!


When Nibble Nom forgets to take his breakfast to school, it’s Om Nom who is ready to overcome all the obstacles on the way to saving this lovely little monster from hunger.

Back to School: Learn Colors!


We name colors as we color pictures with Om Nom! Join us and repeat color names to learn them all faster! It is easy, fun, and so colorful!

Back to School: Coloring


Let's put Om Nom's adventures back into color! 18 great pictures wait to be colored in this compilation - with some fun inbetween!

Back to School: Find and Count


How many mugs are there in Om Nelle's kitchen? You'd be surprised! Find and count them all, and other objects as well, in this fun compilation of challenges!

Back to School: Find the Objects


Do you love a challenge? Try and find the objects hidden in Om Nom pictures! Here is a hint: the first one is right behind Om Nom! Can you find the rest?

Back to School: Matching Game


Time to get back to school! But before going back to class, let's remember how to focus, be attentive to detail, and search for the correct answer with this compilation!

Back to School: Color with Nibble Nom


Join Nibble Nom with some fun coloring! He does it a lot, that is why he can color so well. Practice works!

Back to School: Add and subtract with Om Nom


Om Nom has to keep track of the number of his apples, so it's time to learn to add and subtract. And it works not just with apples, but anything!

Back to School: Blend colors


Need more colors? No problem! Om Nom knows how to get a multitude of colors from just a few. And he will teach you too!

Learn like Nom - Back to School with Om Nom


Nothing is too small or too big for Om Nom’s attention, from bacteria to planets! He is eager to explore them all and learn new things!

Grown-up Imposter


Om Nom takes little Nibble Nom to school and is amazed when Nibble Nom crafts fantastic clay creations! Feeling adventurous, he sneaks in, trying his hand as a student.