Halloween With Om Nom!

12 Episodes

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12 Episodes

Spooky Time: Halloween With Om Nom


Pumpkins, ghosts, and mischievous pranks are out in full force in Om Nom's neighborhood! The friends come up with great pumpkin carving ideas, spook each other, and have fun.

Halloween Special: Learn Colors and Numbers


Pumpkin season is in and this time Om Nom has them in different colors! Which colors and how many? You can learn this, together with the color names and numbers, in this video!

Halloween Special: Color with Om Nom


Have a spooktastic time coloring Halloween pictures with Om Nom! And watch an exciting Halloween story as well!

Spooky Halloween Games


Om Nom loves different games. He invites you to join him and have fun with some more Halloween games!

Halloween Fun


Get in the Halloween mood with thrilling adventures, spooky encounters and horror stories! There's no Halloween without Om Nom's pranker friends Boo, Teddystein and Om Nomacula.

Colour Halloween with Om Nom


Halloween is bright, Halloween is colorful, and Om Nom wants to color these beautiful pics with you! Will you tell him which color to choose?

Halloween Treat


Om Nom loves Halloween! And he knows quite a lot about it too. He is ready to share some fun facts and pics from his Halloween album with you!

How To Draw Halloween Pumpkin


Let's get ready for Halloween and decorate the house! Pictures of ghosts, pumpkins and bats help to create the right spooky atmosphere. Om Nom will help you with these!

It's Not Scary


Om Nom is easily scared. Many things seem menacing to a little monster! But Om Nom is also brave and, when he musters up the courage, he discovers that there is nothing to be afraid of!

Halloween Scares


It is OK to be scared when you face something huge, unknown or menacing. It is OK to freeze and run on instinct as well. Watch Om Nom get scared in this compilation.

Halloween Challenge


Om Nom has a fun challenge for you this Halloween! Will you be able to spot all the differencies in all pictures? How many pumpkins are there in the video?

Pumpkin Prowl: Candy's Curse


As a shadowy pumpkin monster prowls the streets hunting for candy, the neighborhood whispers with fear.