Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions

6 Episodes

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6 Episodes

The Turbo Diner


Another chore Gromit dislikes is clearing the table after meals. Wallace’s Turbo Diner is designed to do the job fast and efficiently; all they have to do is top up the electricity meter. Everything seems to be going well until the lights start flickering.

The Tellyscope


It has always been Gromit’s job to walk over and switch the TV channels on Wallace’s aging set. Wallace decides to save his legs by inventing a simple “remote control” device. Unfortunately, though the machine provides fingertip control, it is hardly “instant”. When Wallace turns on the TV and is confronted by a hard-hitting penguin documentary, he needs to change channel fast. That’s when Wallace realises the flaw in his design…

The Snowmanotron


It’s time for the annual West Wallaby Street Snowman Competition and this time Wallace is determined to win. Gromit may be a dab hand (or paw) at sculpting but Wallace has his new “SpeedeeSnowman” which will do the whole job at the touch of a few buttons. Wallace is thrilled with his resulting masterpiece but Gromit is left feeling rather flat…

The Snoozatron


Getting to sleep can be a problem when you eat as much cheese as Wallace. His solution is the “Snoozatron”, a simple device to aid the restless insomniac. For Wallace the machine is a triumph of precision engineering. For Gromit, his part in the machine’s cycle is a regular chore he could do without…

Shopper 13


It’s just a short nip to the shops but it can become a daily chore when you have all that cheese to carry home. Wallace has decided to save his legs by initiating a program of guided shopping trolleys to the supermarket. Mission 13 is the big one; he’s going for the largest ball of Edam on the shelf. All seems to be going well until disaster strikes on the return leg. Can the heroic Gromit save the day by piloting the stricken craft back to 62 West Wallaby street or will the cheese be lost forever?

The Autochef


Breakfast is Wallace and Gromit’s favourite meal. But why bother cooking yourself when you have an “Autochef”, the combined cooker and waiter on wheels? Wallace is anxious to prove that his troublesome invention is perfectly safe around the home. Gromit isn’t so sure about the cheeky robot and he may have good reason to be wary.