Barbie Dreamtopia

9 Episodes

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8 Episodes

Wispy Forest: Part 1


When Chelsea is frustrated that her hair won’t cooperate before the Pink Moon Jubilee, a festival when your hair can be anything you want it to be, her hair takes on a mind of its own and runs away.

Wispy Forest: Part 2


Chelsea and Barbie chase her escaped hair creature through the Fair Hair Forest, discovering it in the hands (or on the head) of the Notto Prince. With the help of Barbie, Chelsea and her hair creature work out their differences, finally reuniting just in time to enjoy the Pink Moon Jubilee.

Rainbow Cove: Part 1


Barbie, the Rainbow Princess, loses a magic stone that provides all of the color to Rainbow World. Worried that she won’t be able to recover the stone before her crowning ceremony, Chelsea and Honey help her look, as they race along the rainbow ramps against the Notto Prince, who wants the stone for himself.

Rainbow Cove: Part 2


After the magic stone goes sliding down a rainbow, Chelsea and the Notto Prince race to retrieve it. With the help of Barbie and the other Rainbow Princesses, Chelsea retrieves the stone just in time for Barbie's ceremony.

Sweetville: Part 1


When the bridge over the lemonade river is destroyed, the creatures of Sweetville are worried that they won’t make it across the river for the Innovation Celebration being held at the Lollipop Gardens. The townspeople work together using the unsuccessful ideas of the mysterious Captain Snickerdoodle, revealed to be the Notto Prince, who destroyed the bridge on purpose.

Sweetville: Part 2


The Notto Prince reveals that he destroyed the bridge because he was afraid everyone would laugh at his ideas. Inspired by Notto and Chelsea, Barbie has an idea and they work together to build a giant cupcake trampoline so they can bounce across the river.

Sparkle Mountain: Part 1


On a class scavenger hunt for magic jewels, Chelsea and Apprentice Queen Barbie engage in a race against the Notto Prince and the Elephant King who want the jewels for themselves.

Sparkle Mountain: Part 2


In the final stretch, with one jewel to go, Barbie and Chelsea abandon their search for jewels to help a kitten in need. When they clean him up, they find that the kitten wears a collar adorned in jewels, and by helping someone in need instead of looking for jewels, Barbie passes her test.

1 Episode

Barbie Dreamtopia: Festival of Fun


With their friends, Chelsea and Barbie embark on amazing adventures, exploring new lands full of limitless possibility.