Hatchimals: Pixies

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10 Episodes

Chapter One: Flower Power


Puppit discovers a massive egg in Glittering Garden. When the egg hatches, the others are astonished to see Glittering Gracie, a Pixie who have the magical ability to talk to flowers and manipulate nature.

Chapter Two: Wishing on Willow


Over at Wishing Star Waterfall, an awestruck Cheetree watches as a massive marvelous eggs cracks and hatches the tall and beautiful Wishing Star Willow, a magical Pixie who can communicate with the stars in the Waterfall and grant wishes! After a day of wish granting, Cheetree asks Willow for one more wish: she wants to find more pixies.

Chapter Three: Crystal Clear


At Crystal Canyon, Penguala meets Crystal Cassie, a fashionista pIxie who can harnest and control energy found within crystals.

Chapter Four: Piper’s Peak


In Polar Paradise, Draggle meets Polar Piper, a pixie who can enchant and manipulate / ice. After they spend their time together snowboarding through a obstacle course that Piper creates with her magic, they set out to find other pixies.

Chapter Five: Dance-a-thon Disaster Part 1


At Friendship Farm, Pengula and Puppit reunite and introduce Cassie and Grace to each other. Penguala and Puppit decide to hold a dance party to celebrate this epic meet-up. Cassie and Gracie start a friendly food fight that ends up ruining all the food that makes a huge mess in the barn and potentially ruining the party.

Chapter Six: Dance-a-thon Disaster Part 2


With guests about to arrive any minute, Cassie and Gracie apologize to a disappointed Puppit and Penguala forcausing such a mess. Eager to make up for not initially getting along, the two Pixies use their powers to transform the barn to a stunning party setting just in time as the guest Farm Hatchimals arrive to the party.

Chapter Seven: Pranking Piper Part 1


Draggle, Cheetree, Piper and Willow have a blast surfing and sailing on the waters of Citrus Coast. The fun soon turms into a disaster as Piper and Willow have an escalting game of one-up-manship with their popwers until Piper accidently freezes the entirte coast of water. Whoops!

Chapter Eight: Pranking Piper Part 2


Piper frantically tries to thaw things over – on Citrus Coast and with a very frustrated Willow as she tries to undo her freezing of Citrus Coast. With everyone gathered around Piper, Willow urges everyone to wish for sun, sand and sea once again. They hold paws as Willow concentrates with all her might. She smiles and takes Piper’s hand, and in a BURST, a sunbeam pokes through the dark clouds and unfreezes Citrus Coast.

Chapter Nine: The Deep Sleep Sweep Part 1


The Hatchimals friends reunite and everyone is introduced to the 4 Pixies in Magical Meadow. The 4 Hatch friends fall asleep in the meadow, and Cassie boasts that she could probably do a spell that would make anyone fall asleep forever. She whispers it to the three other girls, and they all vow never ever to try it on the Hatchimals.

Chapter Ten: The Deep Sleep Sweep Part 2


The Pixies PIPER, CASSIE, GRACIE and WILLOW fly frantically over the sleeping Hatchimals. Each girl tries to harness her magic over DRAGGLE, PENGUALA, CHEETREE and PUPPIT, but to no effect. Willow and Gracie smile as Cassie and Piper announce they’re going to combine their powers to snap the Hatchimals out of their deep sleep.

1 Episode

Hatchimals: Pixies - Adventures In Hatchtopia


While exploring Hatchtopia, the Hatchimals are introduced to Pixie magical powers and work together to make sure it stays the beautiful and friendly place they know and love!