Thomas & Friends: Story Time With Mr Evans

10 Episodes

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10 Episodes

Thomas and the Guard


Mr. Evans reads the tale of 'Thomas and the Guard', all about the time Thomas left a station much too fast and left his poor guard behind.

A Day at the Football


Mr. Evans reads the story 'A Day at the Football'. Thomas and James compete to see who can bring fans to the football match the fastest.

Thomas and the Beanstalk


Mr. Evans reads the storybook 'Thomas and the Beanstalk'. When Thomas has an accident, he dreams he is riding up a giant beanstalk to a land of giants high above the clouds.

A Visit to London


Mr. Evans tells the Thomas & Friends story 'A Visit To London', when Thomas worried that he wouldn't make it on time to meet someone important on a very special trip.

The Great Race


Mr. Evans reads the story of 'The Great Race'. Thomas and his friends travel to The Great Railway Show and compete with the best railway engines from around the globe.

Journey Beyond Sodor


Mr. Evans tells the story of Thomas embarking on an epic adventure off Sodor. But along the way, he gets lost. After failing to return to Sodor, his friends help save the day!

Three Cheers for Thomas the Tank Engine


Mr. Evans reads the storybook 'Three Cheers for Thomas'. All of the other railway engines think Thomas needs cheering up, so they decide to have a surprise party for him.

Henry in the Dark


Mr. Evans reads a story about the time Henry was repainted with the wrong paint! When it gets dark, Henry starts to glow, and the other engines think they've seen a ghost train.

Big World! Big Adventures!


Mr. Evans has a visitor from the other side of the world. It reminds him of the time Thomas adventures around the world, and so he reads the story 'Big World! Big Adventures!'

Snowy Surprise


It's Christmas on Sodor, so Mr. Evans reads a Christmas story called 'Snowy Surprise' about the time Thomas and his friends saved the day by clearing the tracks to a small village.