Royal Enchantimals: Royals Enchantment Ceremony

5 Episodes

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5 Episodes

The Official Castle Tour / New Royal friends!


The Royal Enchantimals have arrived in Royal Isle, here they must complete three challenges in order to receive their royal enchantment powers from Queen Daviana!

Gemstones / Royal Challenges!


The new Royal Enchantimals accidentally break Queen Daviana's magic wand! They must work together to fix it and in doing so, they realize they've completed their first challenge!

Rainbow Domes / Royal Tea Parties!


The Enchantimals compete in the Royal Obstacle Course challenge but struggle to make things work. Together they realize the fun is in making new besties and working as a team!

Decorating for the Royal Enchantment Party!


Brystal and Peola present the girls with their final challenge – a scavenger hunt for party decorations! They must complete the challenge in order to recieve their third gemstone!

The Missing Queen / Royal Looking Glass to Wonderwood!


Brystal and Peola tell the girls to head into the Queens throne room where she's waiting for them. But, when the girls walk's empty! Where's the queen?