Cave Club

8 Episodes

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8 Episodes

The First Haircut


When Fernessa gets her hair stuck in some dino snot, Tella chops it off! Fernessa is devasted and Tella attempts to fix it.

The First Meltdown


Emberly invents ice cream aka the village's first obsession. She soon finds that keeping up with demand proves to be too tall an order for her to carry.

The First Surprise Party


Emberly wants to surprise Tella for her birthday, but Tella's visions keep tipping her off. So the Club sends on a "super-secret mission" as a distraction.

The First Pop Song


Tella gets some wild sounds stuck in her head which are so distracting they block her visions! Maybe the only way out is to turn them into a song to share with everyone.

The First Lie


When Emberly and Slate discover something rare in the jungle, Emberly wants to keep it just between them. But as things unfold, one tiny lie becomes a brontosaurus-sized mess.

The First Crush


When Roaralai crushes Slate's foot with her pet rock she offers to take care of him and becomes overly attached and obsessed.

The First Vlog


Tella has a vision of the future where people on the "OooTube" talk to their fans about all their fun adventures - and so decides to give "vlogging" a try!

The First Slow Clap


A new friend is in town and she brought a BIG suprise! Rockelle rocks our Cave Clubbers world when she introduces Dino Riding but not everyone seems to get the hang of it.